I’ve had a busy busy busy summer shooting outside the confines of the studio. If you live in Toronto (or Montreal, or Detroit) you might have seen meet shooting half-dressed models in various alleyways, construction sites, abandoned buildings in your neighbourhood. I will be posting the results of those shoots over the upcoming weeks and months. Today I invite you to enjoy Brandon (a mop-topped hottie from Montreal), 2 real live British boyfriends whose passion flows through the computer screen and Matt (you remember Matt, the winner of my 2011 Model Search contest) in an all new spread. Creepy shots perhaps, but still sexy as hell. I thought my shoot schedule would slow down as the temperature drops here in Canada but it seems to be picking up. I’m editing some recent shoots – so watch out for Matkai, Ken, Claudiu, Ewan and a host of others. There are a number of other concepts in the planning stages and I’m booking the models now. These guys are gorgeous! In the meantime, enjoy the preview picture below!


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