Boys of Summer

Well, summer started off a bit slow this year – the models were still burning off their winter fat and I was busy with the 9 to 5.  About half way through I decided I needed to make shooting a priority.  The weather was too good to pass up and since July I’ve been spending every weekend shooting half naked (and sometimes fully naked) guys in various grubby alleyways across Toronto and Montreal.

I’ve taken a vacation week this week to focus solely on photography and I had the fortune to shoot Matt on Tuesday.  Joey’s turn comes tomorrow, followed by Jeremy on Saturday and (I’m hoping) Zack on Sunday.  I have a meeting to discuss concepts with a hot new model Friday night.  Can’t wait to see what comes out of that!


With the extra time off I’ve also had time to focus on the website and just today I’ve deleted tons of older content to make room for the fresh new stuff!  Members needn’t fear, the artistic nude galleries have been left fully intact – for now!  Keep coming back as I add new guys and freshen the site up in general!

I’ve decided I’m going to feature a new model every month – a guy who deserves his own gallery available for all to see.  Corey Kirk’s owned that spot for the past few months now and its time to give a new guy his due.  Will it be one of the guys below?  Probably!  🙂

Thank you for all of your support guys!  Follow me on Facebook or Tumblr if you’re not already!




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